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Walking Dead Season 11B Image Shows Maggie Bloodied & Armed

A new image from the second part of The Walking Dead season 11 features Lauren Cohan's Maggie ready for more war with the Saviors.

Maggie is bloodied in a new image for The Walking Dead season 11B. The final season of AMC’s venerable zombie apocalypse drama runs for a super-sized 24 episodes broken up into three sections.

The first of those three Walking Dead season 11 sections has already aired and indeed an amazing amount of action was packed into the 8 episode bloc. The big development of course was the full arrival of the Saviors, the mask-wearing militarized group led by the menacing Pope. In a plot twist, Daryl found himself being snatched by the Saviors and unexpectedly reunited with Leah, his long-lost cabin love interest from season 10. Things then took a dramatic turn as Leah killed Pope and took over the Saviors, launching a rocket attack against Maggie and her group.

It remains to be seen how things play out between the Leah-led Saviors and TWD’s heroes throughout the rest of season 11B. But it’s clear that Maggie is still alive and ready to do more battle, given a just-released image via TVLine that shows her bloodied but unbeaten, and sporting a quiver of arrows to boot. See the image in the space below:

Maggie of course currently has more than one iron in the fire on The Walking Dead. In addition to dealing with the Saviors and their on-going attacks, she’s also still sparring with Negan, who remains something of a wild card presence in the group after the events that went down in season 11A. For now it seems that the enemies have made a truce, and indeed seem to be working together rather well after being at each other’s throats not that long ago. But of course with someone as devious as Negan it’s impossible to know how long this truce will last. There’s still a strong possibility that the uneasy alliance between Maggie and Negan will crack and Maggie will make a lot of fans’ dreams come true by putting her husband Glenn’s killer down once and for all.

Battles with the Saviors and tension between Maggie and Negan are of course just two of the storylines set up for the second part of Walking Dead’s final season. There’s also the storm drama playing out in Alexandria, not to mention what’s been happening at the Commonwealth, where Eugene, Princess, Ezekiel and Yumiko are about to find out more about the community’s power structure as they tangle with its leader Pamela Milton and her obnoxious son Sebastian. No doubt there will also be some surprises in store for fans as the epic final season wends its way gradually toward its sure-to-be-thrilling conclusion. The Walking Dead season 11B debuts on AMC on February 20, 2022.

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