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The Walking Dead: 10 Biggest Betrayals Of The Series, Ranked

AMC's The Walking Dead has continued the themes of betrayal from its comic book beginnings.

The Walking Dead has undeniably etched the theme of betrayal from its comic book beginnings. Robert Kirkman always made clear that, even though the world may have ended and the dead may be walking, people and their penchant for backstabbing are the real danger.

AMC’s hit adaptation has characters frequently betraying their companions and switching sides. It has made for some sensationally shocking television. With The Walking Dead now in its 11th season, the unpredictability where survivors and their allegiances are concerned remains high.

10The Governor Says No To Golf With His Old Pal

By the time that Philip Blake reunited with his old henchman Martinez, The Governor was firmly established as The Walking Dead’s most frightening character. David Morrissey’s madman brutally dispatched the former Woodbury soldier while his back was turned. This simply further cemented The Governor as someone not to be messed with.

Such antics are hardly out of character for the villain, but it was still shocking to see such a terrifying turn from The Governor against one of his supposed allies. Although, fans had already watched him murder a group of his own people in the season prior.

9. The Scavengers Saw No Reason To Help Rick Grimes

The dump dwellers are a largely forgettable bunch when it comes to survivor groups on The Walking Dead. Strange communication methods, poor hygiene standards, and questionable dress senses aren’t enough to overshadow their most infamous deed of betraying Rick Grimes.

Leader Jadis did see the error in her ways, but only after it was far too late. Siding with Negan and then switching sides cost The Scavengers their lives. It added even more casualties to the list of those caught up with the war between Rick and Negan.

8. Gregory Went Back On His Word And Paid The Price

Xander Berkeley’s Hilltop King didn’t exactly embody bravery from the start. His dealings with Simon and Negan and subsequent betrayal of Rick’s group wasn’t surprising for fans of The Walking Dead. Gregory now stands defined by his acts of cowardice and is largely remembered simply as the man that Maggie hanged. A fitting end for a man so keen to switch sides in an attempt to protect his neck.

7. Dwight Had Nothing To Lose When He Turned His Back On The Saviors

Loyalty to Negan was always inspired by fear. Dwight had nothing left to lose, given that Sherry and half of his face had left him because of JDM’s trash-talking tyrant. There was little reason for Austin Amelio’s survivor to continue to play ball.

Dwight’s betrayal of Negan was ultimately the right choice, as the resilient husband got to keep living. Thanks to his emergence on the spin-off show Fear The Walking Dead, Dwight got the chance to save his marriage as well.

6. Romance Was Never Going To End Well For Daryl Dixon

After so many years of fans yearning for a love affair for their favorite crossbow-wielding redneck, a relationship for Daryl Dixon was always going to be a little complicated. Norman Reedus’ warrior always seemed as afraid of love as he was of showers, and so his romance with Leah was a pleasant surprise for viewers when it arrived in season 10.

The tangling then spelled disaster once Leah’s allegiance to Pope was revealed. Betrayals came thick and fast, with Daryl and Leah sticking together to kill Pope. Leah then turned on Daryl, leaving his fate and that of his friends up in the air as of the 11th mid-season finale.

5. Lizzie Killing Her Little Sister Is Disturbing

There were many disturbing storylines in the entirety of The Walking Dead. Of course The Walking Dead includes cannibals and skin-wearers, but Lizzie murdering her little sister is about as dark a scene as the zombie series has ever presented.

The demise of a child was always going to be distressing, yet one murdering another resulted in despair of another magnitude. Mika was as innocent as a Walking Dead survivor could get, and she did absolutely nothing wrong to instigate her sister committing such a heinous act.

4. Merle’s Betrayal Of The Governor Resulted In Redemption For Rooker’s Redneck

Few moments in The Walking Dead’s history offer up as much redemption and emotion as Merle’s attempt to take down The Governor. While Michael Rooker’s one-armed bandit was essentially forced out of Woodbury due to his allegiances to little brother Daryl, Merle’s turn to hero made for one of the most exciting sequences.

A slow build of a betrayal rather than a sharp stab in the back, Merle’s redemption was glorious to witness. Daryl finding big brother Dixon afterwards remains one of the genuine tearjerker moments in a series filled with upsetting deaths.

3O. tis’ Death Is The Moment That Made Shane Into A True Villian

Jon Bernthal’s hot-headed honcho started out The Walking Dead as an anti-hero with remarkable skill at keeping his people alive. Rick’s resurrection meant Shane stepped down to number 2 in the Atlanta camp, and the second season would see the best friends become bitter enemies.

Shane shooting Otis and leaving him as walker-bait forced fans to view him as a villain. This was a transformation far deeper than a simple head shave. This was a sign of things to come, and an insight into just how selfish Shane could be when it came to the lives of others.

2. Eugene Found Unknown Quantities Of Courage In Turning On Negan

A sensational betrayal that forever transformed a coward into a Walking Dead fan favorite, Eugene dug deep and found tremendous courage within to give his friends the victory against The Saviors.

Eugene had witnessed the horrors that happen to those that betray Negan. Taking down Negan was no easy task, and without Eugene’s bravery and wicked smarts, Rick Grimes would likely have never made it out of the Saviors War alive.

1. Shane’s Plot To Kill His Best Friend Remains The Walking Dead’s Biggest Betrayal

After 10 and a half seasons of AMC’s undead adventure, no betrayal has reached the emotional heights or the backstabbing lows of Shane’s attempt to murder his best friend. While Shane did make the questionable decision to sleep with Rick’s wife, his defense that he believed his former partner was dead is a sound one.

Rick returned to his family and Shane simply refused to fully step aside. His poorly thought out plot to lure Rick into the woods and kill him unsurprisingly failed. As a result, Officer Friendly having to kill Shane remains one of The Walking Dead’s defining moments.

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