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Fear the Walking Dead: Lennie James is excited to work with Kim Dickens

AMC shared the huge news that Kim Dickens will return to Fear the Walking Dead in the back half of season seven. Dickens’ character Madison Clark is a fan favorite, and viewers have longed to see her return. They aren’t the only ones. Lennie James, who plays Morgan Jones in The Walking Dead universe, is also excited about her return.

During the December 5 episode of Talking Dead, the special guest was revealed to be Dicken’s, and she was the one to share the news of Madison’s return. James, Pollyanna McIntosh and Ian Goldberg were also guests during this episode.

James shared that he has yet to work with Dickens as she was killed off the series before he crossed over from The Walking Dead. He told her that this is a tick off his bucket list as one thing he was looking forward to when he transitioned to Fear TWD was working with her.

Fear the Walking Dead season 7 Lennie James
The question on many viewers’ minds is how Morgan and Madison will interact?

These two characters have very different personalities, so it will be interesting to see how they get on. Madison is returning at the outbreak of war between two people who are very special to her, Alicia and Strand. Morgan is on Alicia’s side, and since she is her daughter, Madison will most likely be on the same side, but Morgan and Madison handle things very differently.

Madison will also be harboring some major emotions upon learning that her son Nick is dead. That is compounded by his killer being part of Alicia and Morgan’s group. It will take some time for her to process all of that information.

It appears that the second half of season 7 is going to be a wild ride.

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