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Gal Gadot, 36, Shows Off Her Killer Arms And Legs In A Cute Polka Dot Dress In A New Instagram Video

Training six hours a day got her in Wonder Woman shape.

Gal Gadot just posted a brand new Instagram video.
In the short clip, the 36-year-old actress plops down on the bed ecstatically. And her arms couldn’t have looked more toned in the polka dot dress she was rocking.
But how’d her arms get so incredibly fit in the first place? Well, she trained six hours a day for her Wonder Woman: 1984 role.

Actress Gal Gadot is about to get some much-needed R&R to end 2021. The Wonder Woman: 1984 star shared a cute new video of herself falling into a bed on Instagram while laughing. In the vid, Gal is wearing a cute black and white polka dot dress that shows off her super strong arms and legs.

“Finally!” she captioned the vid.

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But just how did the 36-year-old actress get that fit? Well, Gal is in the gym frequently, to say the least, especially when she was training for her Wonder Woman: 1984 role. “I did two hours gym work, two hours fight choreography, and two hours horseback riding, which is super hard,” she shared on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Her trainer, Magnus Lygdback, also shared that Gal makes sure to get plenty of rest in, too. “I’m a big fan of working different parts of the body every day so your body gets to recover and rest in between,” Lygdback told Women’s Health.

And she always shares snaps from her sweat seshes. Earlier this month, Gal got in a workout that included resistance band work and shared a snap on Instagram.

“Look who joined me on my workout today ❤️😘💪,” Gal captioned the snap, which shows her daughter stealing a kiss while she takes a mid-workout break on a yoga mat.

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And back in September, she shared a gym selfie of herself posing in front of a mirror, lifting gloves on and a set of dumbbells positioned in front of her for a weight workout. “Let’s do this 💪✌️,” she captioned the pic.

And in June, she shared another super sweaty gym selfie: “Still working out, still loving it! ✌️💪,” she wrote.

As for her nutrition, Lygdback told Women’s Health that Gal ate three meals and two snacks every day, which included whole foods, protein, complex carbs, veggies, and healthy fats, while avoiding high-glycemic carbs (like white bread).

But she also treats herself. Gal also loves ice cream, and made a tribute to her “favorite dessert” on her Instagram.

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