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‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot Joins ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Director In ‘Cleopatra’

Patty Jenkins was originally set to direct.

Wonder Woman‘s Gal Gadot will now be working alongside director Kari Skogland for the upcoming Cleopatra film, with the latter most recently known for her work directing all six episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier over at Marvel Studios.

The project was originally set to be directed by Patty Jenkins, marking the first reunion between her and Gadot outside of their partnerships on both Wonder Woman installments over at Warner Bros. Jenkins will now step back as producer for the project instead, giving her more space and time to focus on her other projects including Disney‘s Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and Wonder Woman 3.

As for Cleopatra itself, Gadot will be portraying the titular character, a decision that has drawn controversy given her Jewish heritage and her public political stances. “I have friends from across the globe, whether they’re Muslims or Christian or Catholic or atheist or Buddhist, or Jewish of course,” she said in response to critics. “People are people, and with me I want to celebrate the legacy of Cleopatra and honor this amazing historic icon that I admire so much… You know, anybody can make this movie, and anybody can go ahead and do it. I’m very passionate that I’m going to do my own too.”

There’s currently no release date yet for Cleopatra, so fans of Gadot should stay tuned for more updates to come.

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