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What Is Scarlett Johansson’s Secret MCU Project – 6 Possible Marvel Movies

Scarlett Johansson is working on a top-secret MCU project that isn't Black Widow related, but what could it be? Here are some options.

Scarlett Johansson is working on a top-secret Marvel Cinematic Universe project, and here are some options for what she might be involved in. After playing Natasha Romanoff for eleven years in the MCU, it seemed that Johansson’s involvement with the shared universe had reached its conclusion. Avengers: Endgame included Natasha’s death as part of its time travel plot. Johansson then starred in and produced Black Widow, which finally allowed Natasha to have a solo movie, even if it was a prequel.

Marvel Studios used Black Widow to give Scarlett Johansson’s super spy a fitting exit from the MCU, and the movie, by all accounts, will be the final film she appears in. This looked to be especially true once Johansson sued Disney due to Black Widow’s hybrid theatrical/Disney+ release strategy. Between the attacking statements from Disney and Johansson taking a stand for the rest of Hollywood’s biggest stars, the lawsuit became one of the industry’s biggest stories for weeks. However, it worked in Johansson’s favor, as she and Disney eventually settled their differences and saw the star receive another massive payday. Even after this resolution, Johansson’s days of working with Marvel Studios were believed to be done. That wasn’t because she had bad blood with Marvel or president Kevin Feige, but rather because Natasha Romanoff’s story was done, and Black Widow set the stage for Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) to carry the mantle into the MCU’s future.

There are over two dozen confirmed upcoming MCU movies and TV shows in various stages of development, but the usually tight-lipped Kevin Feige has now seemingly revealed another. He announced Johansson is working on a secret MCU project, which will see her serve as a producer. Feige did stress that Johansson’s new MCU project is not Black Widow-related. This raises even more questions about what the A-list star could be involved in. Since Marvel Studios’ chief didn’t divulge any other details, here are some potential properties Scarlett Johansson could be working on.


If there is one MCU project that makes the most sense for Scarlett Johansson to be semi-involved in, it would be the often-discussed A-Force movie. Marvel Studios has so far released two films starring female superheroes in Captain Marvel and Black Widow, although Ant-Man and the Wasp and Eternals could arguably fit in a similar category given their female co-leads. Before any of these movies were released, though, the MCU’s female superheroes began dreaming up a team-up movie while filming Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Scarlett Johansson joined Tessa Thompson, Brie Larson, Zoe Saldana, Danai Gurira, Karen Gillan, Evangeline Lilly, and Pom Klementieff in discussing how cool it would be for all of them to work together in an MCU movie. This led to them informally pitching the idea to Kevin Feige, who has remained optimistic that a female superhero movie like A-Force could happen soon.

Even though Natasha Romanoff is no longer alive in the MCU, it would make sense if Scarlett Johansson was still involved as a producer on A-Force since she can’t be part of the cast. She’s the only MCU actor to receive a producing credit on a movie so far, and she was a dedicated producer by all accounts on Black Widow. Since Johansson was part of the original idea and is a strong advocate for more women getting leading roles in movies, it’s easy to see how she could use that power to help push A-Force forward. It could even bring fans a certain level of happiness knowing that Johansson was involved in the movie, even if Black Widow wouldn’t appear as part of the team.

Yelena Belova Solo Movie

There is a small chance that Scarlett Johansson’s secret MCU project is a solo movie for Yelena Belova. Kevin Feige’s insistence that it is not Black Widow-related may have only been a way for him to temper fans’ expectations about Johansson returning to play Natasha Romanoff. If that is the case, then Johansson retaining a producer credit on the continuation of Black Widow’s characters is understandable. Marvel has done something similar before, with Jon Favreau receiving a producer credit on Iron Man 3 and some of the Avengers films. Scarlett Johansson shouldn’t be expected to appear in any possible Black Widow sequel or spinoff starring Florence Pugh, but her backing the film and providing input on the future of the Black Widow mantle would make sense.

Avengers 5

Scarlett Johansson’s secret MCU project could even be Avengers 5 possibly. She took on an increased role with each movie and may be interested in helping guide the next generation of MCU heroes. Marvel Studios hasn’t announced plans for Avengers 5 yet, and there’s even the chance that it could be the female superhero team-up movie. Depending on how the rest of Phase 4 plays out, this would be a way for Marvel Studios to keep another one of the original Avengers members around for what comes next. The current state of the MCU means only Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk, and Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye could star in Avengers 5. None of them are guaranteed to be involved in the next Avengers film, though, so using Scarlett Johansson as a producer could give the movie a hint of the original cast.

Russo Brothers Secret Project

It won’t be surprising if Scarlett Johansson’s secret project is the same mystery MCU film the Russo brothers are in talks to make. Johansson worked with Anthony and Joe Russo on all four of their MCU movies. It wasn’t until after the Black Widow lawsuit was announced that it was even reported that the Russos were seriously plotting their MCU return. Reports at that time noted that the end result of the lawsuit could determine what happens with the Russos too. While that might have just been the directors supporting one of their frequent collaborators, it’s also possible that the Russos’ mystery movie wouldn’t happen because it involves Johansson too. It’s unclear what project would be big enough to entice the Russo brothers to return and demand Scarlett Johansson’s involvement as a producer, but the breadcrumbs are there for this to be the newly teased project.

Blonde Phantom

Another fun possibility for Scarlett Johansson’s secret MCU project is a Blonde Phantom movie. Marvel Studios’ recent behind-the-scenes book The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe revealed that Blonde Phantom was one of the characters Johansson originally wanted to play when she met with the studio. If her interest in the character remains all these years later, Johansson could be working with Marvel Studios to update Blonde Phantom. This might not even have to be a live-action project, as Marvel’s growing animation department could make an animated Blonde Phantom Disney+ show that replicates the character’s art style from the 1940s.

Female Superhero Documentary

Scarlett Johansson might also secretly be working on a smaller Marvel Studios production that is confirmed to be on the way. The studio announced in the summer of 2021 that development was underway on an original unscripted documentary series for Disney+ that focuses on women involved in the MCU. The project’s description confirmed actors and creators involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be involved, so Scarlett Johansson may have developed a special interest in the series. Since details on the documentary have been kept under wraps, it could still fit Feige’s description as a top-secret Marvel Studios project even though it has been officially announced.

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