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‘Blatantly disrespectful’: Kendall Jenner’s ‘inappropriate’ wedding attire sparks backlash

Kendall Jenner’s latest look is raising eyebrows online after the model opted to wear “barely-there” dress to a friend’s wedding.

Over the weekend, the 26-year-old attended pal Lauren Perez’s wedding dressed in a $1,815 ($1,450 USD) black Diamond-Cutout Two-Piece Maxi Dress from New-York-based brand Mônot.

While Jenner looked stunning, many have argued that it was “unequivocally inappropriate” for the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star to wear the dress to a wedding.

“I love Kendall,” one Instagram user wrote. “But, is she in love with the groom or something?”

“So inappropriate for a wedding,” someone else chimed in. “She wore this to a friend’s wedding? Yikes.”

“Wow, completely inappropriate for a wedding,” another echoed. “Sheesh. At a wedding? The dress is a moment but not a moment to be had at someone else’s wedding.”

“Unequivocally inappropriate,” a follower declared. “in fact, there are very few places where this dress would be appropriate. She looks good, don’t get me wrong. But wrong place wrong time.”

“Totally inappropriate, half-naked and overshadowing the bride who everyone should be looking at,” another person commented.

“It’s hard to believe she is friends with the bride if this was the outfit she went with,” someone said. “Sis really said ‘all eyes on me tonight, I don’t care.'”

Even TikTok came for the reality star. In a now viral video, TikTok user Maia Chondria shared her reaction to the bold look which went on to earn more than 3 million views.

“Not Kendall ‘Pick Me’ Jenner wearing this to someone’s wedding?” Chondria captioned her video.

“It’s giving ‘wearing white to a wedding’ energy,” one person commented.

“A wedding is a formal event,” added another. “This is not formal.”

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