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10 Fear The Walking Dead Characters, Ranked By Likability

The characters on Fear the Walking Dead have changed from season to season, but there are some standout fan-favorites, like Althea and Daniel.

Fear the Walking Dead has become a successful spin-off to the long-running The Walking Dead, which is gearing up to come to an end after its 11th and final season. Just like The Walking Dead and its gut-wrenching deaths, Fear the Walking Dead has had a revolving door of cast members through its run to date.

From former fan favorites like Madison, Nick, and John, to characters fans are happy to see gone, like Chris, Virginia, and Mel, it has been a wild ride. But the series continues to have a solid cast of characters. While fans don’t know which ones will make it to next season, what new characters will appear, and what fate will unfold for the world, the show remains thrilling and the characters compelling. But who is the most likable?

10. Sherry

Sherry didn’t get much screen time on The Walking Dead. She was one of many victims of a warped leadership style, which led to Negan’s shameful behavior in The Walking Dead. Sherry was once a Savior who found solace in being one of the women in Negan’s inner circle. But when Dwight finally found her after presumably years of searching, it wasn’t the reunion he expected.

Sherry had become a different person and was more focused on revenge than on listening to rational thought. She did turn things around in the end, realizing what truly matters once faced with the realization that a nuclear blast could be the end. So, chances are, she will become more likable over time.

9. Charlie

Despite the fact that the group has forgiven Charlie, fans still can’t get over the fact that she is responsible for killing early fan favorite, Nick. What’s more, Charlie manipulated and used him, lying to the entire community in the baseball stadium, which led to their eventual downfall and ultimately, the death of some of the show’s most beloved characters.

Charlie has proven herself redeemed and remorseful. Nonetheless, she remains one of the least likable characters on the show when compared to other core members of the group.

8. Morgan

Morgan is a tough one because he has been around since the first season of The Walking Dead, being the first character to crossover to the spin-off. But there is so much that doesn’t make sense about him. He is looked to for leadership yet continuously leads the group astray.

He makes mistakes, flip-flops from wanting to create a better world without undue harm to letting go of his inhibitions and brutally killing people for the sake of survival. Because Morgan is never consistent, it’s tough to like him since fans never know which “Morgan” will appear from one episode to the next.

7. Victor

Despite being a selfish con man who is always only out for himself, Victor managed to remain likable because of his charm, wit, and ability to get along with just about anyone. However, in the latest season, Victor has become a terrifying dictator who will stop at nothing to keep his post at the top. His ego and desire to one-up Morgan have gotten the better of him.

While Victor toyed with being a better person in previous seasons, he has relented to being who he believes he was meant to be, which is a ruthless, heartless person. While fans want to like Victor, chances are he will soon join the ranks of the biggest villains on Fear the Walking Dead.

6. Dwight

Fans sympathized with Dwight when, despite all the awfulness and destruction surrounding him, all he wanted to do was find his wife. His love for her was stronger than anything else, and this made fans truly love the character.

Dwight did some unforgivable things in The Walking Dead, but he changed dramatically once he began to realize the person he used to be. While Dwight isn’t a fan-favorite character, he is one of the more likable people in the group.

5. Luciana

Luciana had her ups and downs through the seasons, and fans appreciated her bravery and desire to do whatever it took to help the group, even when it meant offering herself up to work in the oil fields at Virginia’s behest.

Nothing about Luciana stands out either way, which is why she ranks in the middle of the pack when it comes to likability. She has shown empathy, tremendous skill, and heart, and she is a solid addition to the team. But there are others who have made a bigger impact.

4. June

Fans wanted desperately to dislike June, especially after she hurt John by lying to him, leaving him, and almost getting the fan-favorite character killed. This would have been a tragedy because John had great moments on Fear the Walking Dead.

But June continued to prove herself worthy of redemption, especially when she avenged John’s death by killing Virginia. Her ability to help others with her schooling as a nurse along with her fighting skills, quick thinking, and easy-going personality make June one of the most likable characters on the show.

3. Alicia

Alicia is one of only a few remaining characters from the first season, and she has had the most compelling character arc. She began as an afraid young woman living in her troubled brother’s shadow and evolved into a fierce, confident, and ruthless fighter.

While Alicia has suffered through periods of sadness, unsure of herself and her abilities, this is precisely why fans like her so much. She is relatable and someone who has taken tough situations and done her best to overcome them.

2. Althea

Althea has the combination of smarts, charm, and empathy that makes her one of the most likable characters on the show. It’s no surprise that fans name Althea one of the characters who should have more screen time on Fear the Walking Dead.

While Althea’s character arcs haven’t always been the most interesting, her desire to capture what is going on in the world through video interviews with everyone she comes across proves that she has hope. Althea is not only intelligent, but she also cares about others, which are qualities anyone can get behind.

1. Daniel

There is something about Daniel that draws people to him. Despite him going through struggles, forgetting things, and putting others in danger, Daniel has always had people’s best interests in mind and cared deeply for his family.

While he was once a bad guy, he left that past behind when he moved to America in order to provide a better life for his daughter. Daniel knows how to navigate all types of people. His charm, skill, smarts, and breadth of useful real-world knowledge not only make him an asset but also a very likable person — even if some do fear him.

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