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Four Reasons Why Red Notice Is a Must-Watch on Netflix

How many star actors are too many star actors in one movie? Well, maybe Netflix will have an answer for you on November 12, 2021, when you watch Red Notice. You probably are not ready for what this movie is going to bring together, but here we are to help you get ready, and also give you a few reasons why this spectacular movie should be on your watch list this November.

The film features great actors, an amazing behind-the-camera crew, and much more; giving us all the more reason to look forward to the release. November just got better; as this movie that revolves around heists and cops is set to steal away the boredom from your lives.

The locations and action sequences

The key to creating a beautiful piece of cinema is giving the audiences sceneries that they can’t forget; Red Notice has done just that. The movie has been filmed at a variety of mesmerizing locations all around the globe. Hence, you are going to witness a plethora of scenic beauties while watching the movie.

When you put together The Rock, Deadpool, and Wonder Woman, what do you get? Absolute mind-blowing action.

A spectacle of stars

The movie stars not one or two, but three amazingly talented actors known for their work in action movies. Dwane ‘The Rock‘ Johnson stars as FBI Agent John Hartley, who specializes in tracking down criminals around the world. The Rock is particularly known for his work in the Fast and Furious franchise of movies and also the new Jumanji movies.

Meet the art thief who just can’t keep his mouth shut, Nolan Booth played by none other than Ryan Reynolds. While Ryan has been a known face for the last two decades, he achieved great fame after his role as the funny and deadly anti-hero Deadpool. Reynolds’ other action movies include “The Hitman’s Bodyguard,” “6 Underground,” and, most recently, “Free Guy.” The movie witnesses an unlikely team-up between John and Nolan to catch, ‘The Bishop’.

Gal Gadot plays the role of ‘The Bishop’ a beautiful art thief that the entire world is looking for. Our heroes team up to catch this deadly woman; who pretty clearly can steal the heart as easily as she steals art. While Gal Gadot has been working for many years, she particularly received the limelight while playing Diana of Themyscira in the DC Extended Universe.

Even one of these stars is enough to make a movie a hit, so you can only imagine what these three can do together. This is your sign to watch Red Notice as soon as it releases.

Watch Red Notice for the behind-the-camera brilliance
Red Notice does not just have stars on screen, the film has an equally bright mind working from behind the scenes; writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber is definitely one of the major reasons why this movie is predicted to be a blockbuster. He has even worked with Dwayne Johnson on two other occasions, “Central Intelligence” and “Skyscraper.”

You can stream Red Notice on Netflix on November 12, 2021.

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